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Hypervolt 2
Unlock tight muscles, recover quickly from a long day, and ease muscle stiffness and soreness. With 3 speeds of percussion and 5 different head attachments to choose from, the Hypervolt 2 delivers a hyper-quiet, precise, and premium massage experience.
Hypervolt 2 Pro
With 5 speeds of ultra-powerful percussion, patented pressure sensor technology, and Bluetooth® connectivity, the Hypervolt 2 Pro is engineered to let a wide range of professionals push the limits of what's possible for their wellness and beyond.
Unleash your full potential
The Legacy Pack returns with an upgrade. This pro-level bundle includes ⁠Hypervolt 2 Pro, Normatec 3 Legs⁠, and Normatec Backpack.
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The award-winning suite of Hyperice products have been recognized by top publications and are loved by consumers throughout the globe.
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Power your progress and unlock tight muscles with our precission, patented pressure sensor technology. Discover the differences in the Hypervolt line up.