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Assess, Correct & Activate The Squat (W/S)

When it comes to squatting, correct technique is highly individual. Stance width, foot position & bar position must all be individualized to the lifter. Therefore, most people shouldn’t be squatting without a movement assessment; nor should they follow general set-up instructions from a behemoth with freakish genetics. This session will practically instruct participants through 1. Biomechanical assessment 2. Percussive corrective mobility 3. Pre workout nervous system activation.

• Gym Mat/Yoga Mat
Hyperice Hypersphere Mini & Vyper
Optional: Medium Strength Band (1/2), 4-6ft Dowel

Chad Benson

Title: Director of Education, @Wrkout
Degree (s): MSc in Kinesiology, Bachelors of Physical Education, BSc in Psychology
Certification(s): CSCS, CanFitPro PTS
Industry Relevant Credential(s): Trigger Point (Master Trainer), Bulgarian Bag (Master Trainer), ViPR PRO (Master Trainer), Agatsu Kettlebell, FRC, IHRSA Institute, Optimal Muscle Testing, Muay Thai & Kickboxing, RAD Roller, Weightlifting, Schwinn Cycling
Interest(s): tennis, hockey, country music, science journals, warm water & sand

Educated at UVic and MUN, Chad is the Director of Education for Wrkout, & President of the Personal Trainer Academy. Before becoming an educator & TRNR mentor, Chad was a sports conditioning specialist; holding S & C positions with numerous high performance organizations. Chad is a CanFitPro PTS author, ProTrainer, keynote speaker & sponsored fitness presenter. Chad has developed numerous functional fitness, assessment, fitness franchise educational platforms.
Interest(s): tennis, hockey, country music, science journals, warm water & sand